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Early 2021 Spring Check-In – New York and New Jersey area

Early 2021 spring check-in for all Bergen Linen’s local business friends.

While this spring certainly looks different, the Food and Beverage industry still faces challenging times.  With limited capacities, many restaurants and caterers are still struggling.  On a lighter note, many businesses found innovative ways to welcome guests back anyway they can.

Tents were erected. Heating lamps installed. Delivery service upgraded or introduced. Your dishes now available through GoldBelly.

Even If your venue is only providing take-out and/or delivery, there is still a need for aprons, bar mops, etc.  Bergen Linen is here for you. .  

Due to a reduced dinner crowd, Bergen Linen took into consideration restaurants’ new needs for small weekly deliveries. In fact, we introduced a Starter Package.  While it is customizable, it basically provides a weekly service of bar mops, aprons and floor mats.

For inventory questions, email or call (800) 789-8115.  Both emails and voicemails are monitored regularly so you will receive a response in a timely manner. In addition, you may arrange for a production plant tour.

Together is the only way that we all continue to make it through.  Bergen Linen wants to thank you and everyone else doing their part.