August 2021 Uniform Check-In

August 2021 Uniform Check-In

This is your August 2021 Uniform Check-in from your friends at Bergen Linen!  From caterers to restaurants (at every price point), dressing your team may be more important than you think. 

Uniforms are different than dress codes. With a dress code, there is a lot more management involved. Someone such as your shift manager needs to be regulating each coworker’s daily outfit. End this extra responsibility by considering uniforms.

Why Should Your Team Dress Similar?

  • Makes sure everyone is looking their best
  •  Easy way to promote your brand
  • Proven that diners prefer them over plain clothes

 Bergen Linen offers restaurant wear such as:

  • Aprons 
  • Chef pants
  • Chef jackets
  • Host/hostess garments
Every restaurant and caterer have different needs. Therefore, we are happy to create a custom plan that works with your individuals AND budget. Interested in additional items? Please feel free to call to speak with at team member at (800) 789-8115 or email

When it comes to caterers and formal events, please feel free to ask about elevated attire. Impress your guests with well-dress employees. Also, your guests can easily spot who works at your venue. This makes for the perfect well-rounded experience.

Many of our clients add their uniforms to the weekly delivery of linens including tablecloths, bar mops, floor mats and more.  By now, you may have even seen a Bergen Linen truck or van in your community. Our team provides expert linen care in the New York City and surrounding area.

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