Summer Micro Weddings

Summer 2022 Micro Weddings

Summer 2022 Micro Weddings are still a popular option.  And some experts say they are here to stay in some form one way or another.

Micro weddings are not entirely a ‘new’ concept. For many years, people have been eloping. However, this was typically a destination wedding such as a beach wedding . 

Often, destination wedding receptions and elopements are a smaller scale. Elopments tend to be more secretive. And a destination wedding is usually an invitation to a small group of the closest family and friends. Microweddings are a little bit bigger (usually under 50 guests) and no secret here.

Engaged couples love a scaled-down wedding reception and here’s why:

  • Fewer guests, less work!
  • Budget-friendly! (Typically $1,500-10,000.)
  • Fewer opinions & people to please!
  • Unique spaces accessible!
  • Easier to plan
 Smaller weddings also mean that more time can be spent with each guest.  

Even with a scaled down event, linens and all the other details are still as important.  Bergen Linen loves to be inspired by weddings found on Pinterest.  If you are unfamiliar with micro wedding, you may wish to take a look around.  Engaged couples are certainly making the most of their special event. There are plenty of New Jersey and New York wedding magazines and online directories featuring 2021 micro wedding ideas.

If a smaller gathering is not for you, our team would be happy to provide a quote for your larger wedding as well. Bergen Linen has a large inventory of colors, sizes and options.Party linen rentals include: tablecloths, napkins, overlays, runners, chair covers, sashes and more.

We offer a large selection of tablecloths, napkins, overlays, runners, chair covers and more. With a smaller party, you may be able to add those extra details originally cut out.  Feel free to request a ‘rush’ order by emailing or calling (800) 789-8115.

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