Thinking of Choosing Bergen Linen?

Thinking of Choosing Bergen Linen

Thinking about choosing Bergen Linen for your company’s linen needs? It’s a big decision, but it can be a simple one.

Now, we understand that linens are typically the last thing a restaurant or venue owner wants to think about. And most likely, it’s because you jaded by previous linen companies. However, we are here to tell you that we are not all the same. In fact, Bergen Linen was built on those differences.

Our mission is to provide the New York Metropolitan area with quality linens and uniforms. This is not a smash-and-fold company. And don’t worry. Better quality means better value – not expensive.

At times, it is easy to say that all linens are the same. Then, you take a look at night service. Stains, poorly pressed, frayed edges….not so easy to look past. For many businesses, the idea of a rejection pile is common place. However, this means larger orders that you may not necessarily mean.

By working with Bergen Linen, our team takes out the guesswork. All linens are inspected prior to their arrival. Therefore, you do not have to worry about inspection (and rejection) on your end.

In addition to fresh uniforms and table linens, we also offer additional essentials such as:

Pair our selection with transparency billing and the choice is simple. Bergen Linen. Complimentary consultations are available. We offer consultations by phone, Zoom and in-person visit. As your day is busy, there are only a few key pieces needed. See, it’s that simple.

Why keep settling for linens and uniforms? You have options.  See how we can help you today.

Speak with a team member today by calling (800) 789-8115 or emailing If you are a potential customer interested in a quick quote, please try our handy form.



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