Easy-to-use Tablecloth Size Chart

Trust in Bergen Linen's tablecloth size chart for your next event. Below, you will find a full range of standard tablecloth sizes.

Choosing the Right Tablecloth Size Chart

To ensure a seamless and elegant look, let’s make sure you choose the right size of tablecloth. Whether you are a hospitality manager or a DIY party planner, our tablecloth size chart.

Before reviewing, you may want to check out our how to measure for a tablecloth guide. (Quick and easy helpful tool to determine linens for different sizes of tables.)

Now, let’s jump into our table linen sizing charts!

Common Restaurant Table Sizes

Restaurant tables come in an array of shapes and sizes so there is no one size fits all. Also, each establishment has its own preference of full drop or half drop. Understanding the standard dimensions of tables is crucial when selecting the perfect linen to compliment your restaurant’s aesthetic. Here’s a general guide to table linen sizes, but you are always welcome to call or email for a proper complimentary consultation.

1.Round Tablecloth Size Chart

Choosing the ideal tablecloth size can sometimes be challenging. Once you have your tablecloth dimensions (and decided on drop length), you’re that much closer. Special occasions call for special place settings.

Our circular tablecloth size chart includes a range of standard table sizes. Smaller, casual events may opt for rounds that accommodate four people. More significant gatherings require a larger table. You’ll find this chart to be a reliable resource in choosing the perfect polyester tablecloths.

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Tablecloth Cart for round catering tables.

2.Rectangle Tablecloth Size Chart

Selecting the right (oval tablecloths or) rectangular tablecloth size adds a touch of sophistication. It also ensures that your rectangle tables look well-organized and put-together. (A rectangle table linen works on an oblong or oval table.)

To determine your tablecloth size, you need the rectangular table’s dimensions. Now that you’re set, let’s take a look at some standard rectangle sizes.

3. Square Table Sizes

Square tables bring a contemporary touch to restaurant layouts. Common sizes include 24 inches for cozy corners, 36 inches for small group settings, and 48 inches for larger parties. Some restaurants only offer square tables, but they will use several in a row to add additional seating capacity.

Understanding the standard sizes of these common restaurant and banquet halls’ tables serves as the foundation for selecting linens. Take into consideration your seating capacity, seating layout (actual floor space) and visit our page on how to measure for additional guidance. 

4. Highboy Tablecloth Size Chart

Highboy tables, also known as cocktail tables or bistro tables, are a popular choice for events. They are a stylish and functional addition to any party.

These taller tables look great with linens designed to fit their unique table dimensions. With a great fit, expect a polished and sophisticated appearance. This type of table calls for a size tablecloth allowing for a full tablecloth drop.

Tables with table height may seem intimidating to dress. We hope our cocktail tablecloth size chart takes the guesswork out of your tablecloth selection.

Say goodbye to ill-fitting tablecloths or unprofessional appearances. And welcome to a flawless and coordinated event setting.

Remember, these are general recommendations. You have the flexibility to choose the drop length that best suits your style and preference.

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Tablecloth cart for rectangle tables and high boy or cocktail tables used to find perfect event table linen size.
restaurant table sizes, image of dining room with different sized tables and linens

Choosing the Right Table Linen Size

Choosing the correct tablecloth size creates a sense of uniformity and cohesion. You want a tablecloth draping perfecting over a table just so. Too short and parts of the table are left exposed. Too long and it looks messy.

Additionally, getting the tablecloth size right ensures practicality. With the right tablecloth size you prevent tripping hazards caused by excess fabric. You also avoid accidental tugs or pulls that could disrupt the entire table setting. A well-fitted tablecloth allows for smooth movement around the table. This makes it easier for guests and staff to navigate the dining area.

While you may not think these details matter, they do. Think back to events that either lacked tablecloths or had disappointing linens. From wrong sizes to worn out linens, these table coverings leave a lasting impression. So let’s make a good impression!

Choose the correct size tablecloth and demonstrate your attention to detail and consideration.

Tips for Choosing Table Linen Sizes

Tablecloth sizing is based on accurate measurements and drop length.

  1. Accurate Table Measurement. Start by measuring the tabletop dimensions including: length, inches wide, or table diameter. (For the perfect tablecloth size, check out our table measurement guide.) Be sure to account for any additional features of your event tables like table leaves or extensions.
  2. Consider the Drop Length: Decide on the desired drop length for your dining tables covering.

Ex) Formal events call for a floor-length drop that touches the floor (or just above)

Ex) Other special events can opt for formal or a more standard size lap-length drop of 8-15 inches

  1. Follow the Table Shape: Ensure that the tablecloth matches the table shape. Round tablecloths are best for round tables. Rectangular or square tablecloths work for rectangle and square tables.
  2. Consider the Event Type: For pretty much every event, the type or theme influences setting. Weddings, banquets, and other formal occasions? Preferred drop is full length with these types of events. Compliment casual settings with standard or shorter linens.

Lastly, account for overhang. Be sure that there is enough fabric overhang on all sides. Exposed table lengths are never in-style. Standard overhang is around 6-12 inches. However, this can vary based on your personal preference and/or event’s formality. Proper overhang ensures a neat and polished appearance.

Table Linen Rental Offerings

Bergen Linen is a one-stop shop for restaurants, country clubs, and caterers. Uniforms. Bar mops. Restaurant table linens. Floor mats.

When it comes to event linen rentals, we also wanted to be a one-stop shop. Party linen rentals include:

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Bergen Linen provides linens for different restaurants and catering venues. Therefore, we do not have one specific standard linen. When choosing the right tablecloth, it is important to keep in mind the table size and type of preferred drop. We encourage all prospective clients to have a team member visit for a no-pressure evaluation. After measuring your table, we can provide a quote dependent on your drop preference. Request a quote today.
One size rarely fits all. And this is especially when it comes to table linen rentals. If your tables are extra-long or a unique shape, you should consider a visit from one of our team members. We’ll be able to provide the best suitable option and quote so you can make an informed decision.
Every restaurant has their own unique needs. If you prefer to mix and match your table linens (and/or napkins), we will be happy to accommodate your needs. Please feel free to call (800) 789-8115 today.

Nobody likes an uncomfortable dining experience. The amount of space between guests is dependent on the type of cuisine, type of restaurant, restaurant owner’s preference, etc.  However, a common guideline in the hospitality industry is to provide around 24 inches to 30 inches of space per guest. This allows some elbow room and ease in moving in and out of the restaurant chair.

Here’s a general breakdown of industry standards:

  • Fine Dining Restaurants – Around 30 inches per guest is desirable.
  • Casual Dining Restaurants – Around 24-30 inches per guest is adequate.
  • Fast-Casual or Cafés – Around 24 inches is sufficient for compact dining establishments.
Most restaurant tables are 30″ in height. Of course, there are exceptions such as bar height tables, counter height seating, bar tables, and more. When purchasing tables for your dining establishment, a good rule of thumb is to lean into restaurant industry standards.

Bergen Linen Rentals offers a complete color palette. While there is a limited choice of fabric, we do offer poly and damask You are going to wow’d by our wide range of colors and sizes. From bright colors to pastel shades, you can have the table setting in your vision.