Restaurant Table Cloths

Reliable Service: Restaurant Table Cloths

Restaurant table cloths are an easy and elegant way to dress your table.

Your day-to-day operations require and deserve a reliable linen provider. Take the stress out of your weekly rentals and have the assurance of a dedicated linen vendor. Bergen Linen offers a wide selection of table covers; from restaurant to banquet tables, we are here to help with your everyday linens and catered events.

Say 'Yes' to Table Linen Rentals

Whether your establishment is casual or high-end, say ‘yes’ to table linen and napkin rentals. Did you know tablecloths…

  • enhance the overall dining experience
  • add a comforting and welcoming feel
  • play a practical role in providing a clean and hygienic surface
  • provide a quieter dining experience

Bonus benefits of tablecloths- Save your team time and energy. After a table of guests leave, a quick swap of table linens – and you’re ready for your next guests. If you already use tablecloths, then you already know they’re a necessity. But maybe you’ve just been locked into the wrong provider. If you’re new to table linens, then you may be wondering what next?

Restaurant Table Linen Rentals and Sales

Linen sale and rental options are offered. When deciding what is best for your establishment, we encourage every restaurant or caterer to reach out for a proper evaluation.

If you choose linen rentals, please note that we do use RFID tags for proper tracking of all linen rentals. This way, you are always receiving the correct number of linens AND only paying for them as well.

Choose Bergen Linen

Bergen Linen is your one-stop provider for table linens, uniforms, bar mops, chef wear, aprons, uniforms, floor mats, and more. And don’t forget to inquire about our party linen rentals including overlays, table runners, and more. Feel free to look at our event gallery.

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Most of our commercial table linens and uniforms are polyester tablecloths or a polyester blend. If you are looking for something, we can provide a custom quote. When considering restaurant table linens, it is best to choose an easy-to-care table linen that offers stain resistance and holds up through multiple washings. Questions about commercial grade table linens? Give us a call at (800) 789-8115.
Dining restaurants may have tables utilizing various shapes and sizes. Although we offer a wide variety of sizes, you may need something a bit more custom. Please call or email so we can provide a quote for your table coverings and ensure we provide the correct size tablecloth.
When it comes to quality restaurant tablecloths, many restaurants and catering venues opt for white, ivory, and black tablecloths and cloth napkin rentals. However, Bergen Linen offers a wide range of event linen rentals for weddings and other special occasions.
Yes, we are open to a custom plan for your unique needs. Some restaurants choose a bistro or other restaurant cloth napkins for their table setting. And we are happy to accommodate you.