Restaurant Table Linen

Restaurant Table Linen

Restaurant table linen options are only a phone call away.  Bergen Linen is the New York and New Jersey trusted local linen company. Pick-up and delivery options are available.

Your day-to-day operations require and deserve a reliable linen provider.  Furthermore, you should receive quality fabric care and expert customer service so allow us to introduce ourselves properly.

This Hallak family-owned and operated linen service was designed to answer a need in the food and beverage industry.  Therefore, the Hallak brothers have made it their responsibility to be a different kind of commercial laundry service.

How Bergen Linen Will Help You

When overseeing an eatery or banquet venue, it is imperative to pay attention to every last detail. From your meals to the ambience, you must leave a positive impression on each guest.  In fact, you typically only have that one chance to make a  first impression.   Consequently, Bergen Linen’s team feels the same way.  However, we make every order feel like the ‘first’.  There is never any inattentiveness when it comes to customer service or  linen quality.

Both sales and rental options are offered.  Before ordering, a team member often finds it helpful to learn about your specific linen, billing and delivery needs.  Whether you are renting or have purchased table linens, each item is inspected prior to leaving our production plan.  Ultimately, your team will always be happy to see a Bergen Linen truck pull up. Reliable quality, reliable delivery.

Additionally, Bergen Linen’s rentals that look tired are retired; then, they are often donated to local animal shelters.  Here, we care both about our community as a whole – including local venues.

By emailing, you are taking the first step.  Are you happy with your current linen company?  Allow us to show you why Bergen Linen is  the  table linen company you have been looking for.  Most importantly, arranging this service should not be stressful.  We understand your needs and are simply here to help.

Step by step, we can assist you in presenting your establishment at it’s finest starting with your host/hostess’ uniforms.  Staff garments including chef pants, coats and aprons are available.  In fact, bar mops, towels, floor mats and more can also be added to your oder.  Furthermore, table linen selections include options for casual to more formal place setting.  We are your one-stop linen service provider.

Various restaurant linens include:

  • Table Linens and Napkins
  • Server Apparel & Aprons
  • Chef Wear
  • Bar Mops
  • Towels
  • Mop Heads
  • Floor Mats

To summarize, Bergen Linen is transparent.  Our customized billing does not contain any surprise fees or surcharges.  You will never be surprised.  If you ever have questions, you are able to contact a team member with ease.  In short, we set out to be a different restaurant linen provider – and we like to think that we succeeded. If interested, Bergen Linen has a quick (and painless) account profile.  

Call (800) 789-8115 or email to learn more about our restaurant linen services.  In additional, event linens and wedding rentals are also available.  And don’t forget to follow Bergen Linen on Instagram!

"First, from the initial first meeting with Joh to calling - seamless!
Very helpful and easy to work with! All of the linens have been maintained and in great condition. Delivery and pick-up have been easy as well."
Country Club Manager