Linen Services for Restaurants

We take pride in offering an exceptional linen rental experience tailored to the unique needs of restaurants, events, and catering businesses. Elevate the ambiance of dining establishments or events with our high-quality linens, curated to meet the diverse tastes and styles of our clients.

Whether you’re a restaurant owner aiming to create a distinctive dining experience, an event planner orchestrating a memorable occasion, or a caterer looking for the perfect finishing touch, our comprehensive linen rental service is designed to exceed your expectations.

Linen Service for Restaurants

Bergen Linen offers a wide selection of linens, flexible rental options, and a seamless process. We are confident that you will find our table linen rental service beneficial in having your facility run smoothly. It is why we have become a trusted name to the New York (New York City, Queens, Brooklyn Westchester) and New Jersey food and beverage industry.

For a quote, you may speak with a team member or email with your table sizes. We offer a selection of table linens in a variety of sizes including your standard 90″ rounds, etc.

In addition to our restaurant table linens, you may also request a quote for a range of products such as:

NJ Linen rental - green and white table linens in a restaurant

Request Your Restaurant Linen Rental Quote

Restaurants, caterers and country clubs know what they want and rightfully have high expectations for their linen vendors. And we can appreciate that, which is why we take our responsibility to the restaurant industry seriously. Learn more about our restaurant linen rental program today. Ask about sales options as well. (Visit our wide variety of event linen rentals.)

We pride ourselves on being more than the average linen company. Along our commercial laundry service using the latest processes, Bergen Linen’s dedicated service team also utilizes the latest tracking technology for real-time inventory including RFID tags. This means complete deliveries for your clean linens – and reliable delivery schedule.

Your customer satisfaction is important so explore the possibility of a true reliable service. They do exist. So, give us a call at (800) 789-8115 for a custom restaurant linen rental quote today.To speak at a more convenient time, complete our form for linen service for restaurants.


Provide a detailed overview of the rental process, including ordering, delivery, and return procedures. Clarify if there are minimum order requirements and any specific details that clients need to know when renting linens for events and catering purposes.
Describe the range of linens available, such as tablecloths, napkins, and chair covers. Highlight the diversity in sizes, colors, and styles to ensure that clients can find linens that match their specific event or restaurant aesthetic.
Outline any minimum rental durations and provide transparent information on pricing structures. This may include details on whether pricing is based on the type and quantity of linens rented, and if there are any additional fees for delivery, setup, or pickup.
Address concerns about potential damage or stains during events. Clearly communicate the company’s policies regarding the return of linens, any associated fees for damages, and whether a cleaning service is included in the rental agreement.
Provide information on the flexibility of making changes to rental orders, especially for last-minute adjustments. Additionally, guide customers on the recommended timeframe for placing reservations to ensure a seamless and on-time delivery for their events or restaurant needs.