Bergen Linen at the CSCNetwork Annual Convention

Last week, the Hallaks were fortunate to have attended the CSCNetwork Annual Convention in Las Vegas. This year’s event was  held in Las Vegas.

The CSCNetwork has over 180 members – independent  rental laundries in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Like Bergen Linen, these members provide quality linen and uniform rentals.

What is the CSC Network

The CSCNetwork was founded in 1979. Its mission is to help linen companies be able to stay independent. CSC believes in keeping the linen rental industry stay fair. 

They support their mission by providing linen providers resources. In addition, smaller operations can receive rebates and special pricing to give them buying power; this helps create more of a balance in terms of competing with national companies.

CSCNetwork Annual Convention

The convention is the perfect way to bring all CSC’s members together. For two days, various team members from these independent launderers come together.

During the convention, there were many keynote speakers, John-Claude and John, Jr., tried to take in as many presentations as time permit. The topics were varied and included: industry trends, sales,  production best practices, and more.

The Future Looks Bright

When you attend a conference offering this much industry insights, it’s easy to return eager to make some changes. And that’s exactly what we are doing.

If your goal is to be the best, then it’s important to always remain open to the very latest in techniques, training, and equipment. The future looks bright at Bergen Linen – and we look forward to wowing you.

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