Mother’s Day Dinner Ideas

Happy Mother's Day, Mother's Day Mother’s Day is just around the corner so you most likely have some Mother’s Day dinner ideas in mind. If you have the reservations and special menu, then complete the moment with a proper table setting. For those of you who own or manage a restaurant, this is the perfect opportunity to provide a memorable dining experience for your guests. To help you get started, we’ve put together some Mother’s Day dinner ideas with a focus on different types of table settings and themes that will make this day unforgettable. Let’s plan this celebratory dinner together.

The Mother’s Day and Restaurant Relationship

There are several reasons why Mother’s Day is a big holiday for restaurants. First and foremost, it’s a special occasion that celebrates the most important women in our lives- motherly figures. And for many, it’s a special day that many families and loved ones gather at a meeting place to share a special meal together. Secondly, Mother’s Day falls on a Sunday; this is already a traditionally a busy day for restaurants. Most people do not have work on Sundays so it’s an easy day to have everyone meet up. While a homemade meal is just as special, there is something very relaxing about not having to stress about a menu, the preparation, serving, and the clean-up. Mother’s Day is considered a very lucrative day for restaurants and so they can expect a higher than average number of customers. Lastly, your restaurant can use Mother’s Day as an opportunity to showcase your team’s amazing culinary skills with fine-tune delicious recipes. Often, eating establishments have a fixed menu, a special menu, holiday promotion, and other signature items. These offerings can help further build a restaurant’s reputation.

Mother’s Day Dinner Ideas: Choose a Theme

Fancy dinners are loved by pretty much everyone. From elevated comfort food to a mother figure’s favorite meal, highlight this meal with a proper placesetting. Of course, you should take into consideration your current space – and what will work with your dining area.
  1. Classic Elegance: When in doubt, it’s okay to keep it simple and classic. Crisp, white table or light pink table linens are always a great choice for such an occasion. If you are working with white table linens, you  may consider a pop of color to the table. A floral centerpiece or overlay may be a nice added touch.
  2. Rustic Charm: Some restaurants lend themselves to a more relaxed and cozy atmosphere. Consider using earthy tones such as golds, greens, and natural colors. Add some candles and wildflowers for a charming and rustic centerpiece.
  3. Modern Minimalism:  Restaurants with a more contemporary vibe tend to choose a black and white palette. While this concept looks great on a table, you still may want to add some fresh flowers or candles to give this special dinner a warm touch.
  4. Garden Tea Party: Mother’s Day falls in the springtime so a  garden tea party vibe is perfect. Of course, a tea party event is more likely to be a breakfast, brunch, or lunch. Pastels and colorful tablecloths paired with fresh flowers are a perfect pairing. If you are offering an actual tea party, there will need to be beautiful  teapots, cups, and saucers. Mix-and-match these pieces for an inviting look.

What to Serve on Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is more special than your average weeknight dinner. However, some motherly figures are interested in a more casual gathering.
  • Casual Meal. Casual food can still be packed with plenty of flavor. Rotisserie chicken is a classic recipe that everyone loves.
  • Classic Go-to. Think chicken Alfredo, chicken Marsala, roasted chicken, your famous Bolognese recipe, and more.
  • Brunch and Lunch. When it comes to a lighter meal, you may want to incorporate some small puff pastry bites and other appetizers.
  • Comfort Dish. A comforting dish such as a chicken pot pie is a fan-favorite. Beef stew is also another classic dinners guests love.
  • Elegant Dinner. Favorite foods include fresh fish, garlic butter steak, and other speciality treats.

Creating the Perfect Mother’s Day Meal

Choosing a theme that you and your team is comfortable with is the first step. You have enough on your plate (no pun intended) so lean into your current decor. Then, call your friends at Bergen Linen for the proper event table linen rentals.  By paying attention to the details, you can create a unique setting that will impress your guests. High-quality table linens, fresh flowers, elegant napkin rings, and more. All of these touches will bring a little luxury to your table. And most importantly, make sure that your guests feel appreciated and loved on this special day. While every day is a day to ‘wow’ guests, Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to take your restaurant to another level. By incorporating different types of table settings and themes, you can provide a memorable dining experience for your guests. To help with your Mother’s Day dinner ideas, call and speak with one of team members today.

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