How to Prep for The New Year

As if the holiday season isn’t stressful enough, you also are worrying about how to prep for the New Year.

As we make our way through the holiday season, all of us in the hospitality industry gear up for another round of events, banquets, and celebrations. In our dynamic landscape, the importance of meticulous preparation cannot be overstated.

One often overlooked aspect that significantly contributes to the overall dining experience are the linen rentals. Understandably, they are merely the backdrop for a fabulous experience. But they still matter. Of course, there are plenty of things to consider aside from your restaurant linens and uniform service.

How to Prep for the New Year

Between all the holiday hustle and bustle, this is the the ideal time to thinking about your current guest services. But the question is where to start?

Like you, we work hard throughout the year to keep our clients (YOU) happy. After all, we need you to trust that you are getting the very best experience. While linens and uniforms are different than delicious meals, the goal is the same. Keep your customers happy. So they probably are the best place to start.

Reviewing Feedback

Are you like many businesses that collect feedback throughout the year? Fortunately (and sometimes, unfortunately), Yelp and Google collect reviews for us. You or a trusted team member should regularly be checking and especially towards the end of the year.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is there a common theme or themes throughout the positive reviews? Lean into what you do best. You may be surprised what actually sticks out most to your guests.
  • Is there a common theme or themes throughout the negative reviews? Take a deeper dive into any trouble areas.
  • Do the issues that need work require a long-term fix or is this something that can easily be remediated?
  • Am I ready to make some changes?

In addition to your guests, it would be great to also speak to your team. After all, their back-of-the-house concerns are most likely not going to make it to online reviews. Your team should feel comfortable sharing some feedback on what they need to be more successful. Along with being a positive discussion for your business, it’s also a great team builder.

Assessing Inventory Needs

When prepping for the New Year, a crucial step involves a thorough assessment of your inventory. This includes: linens, perishables, pantry, cleaning supplies, liquor (if applicable), silverware, place settings, and other items.

By now, you most likely have various people in charge reviewing these items regularly. It might be a great idea to review year-to-date reports on what type of ‘waste’ or needs are repeatedly showing. Of course, some ebbs and flows may be cyclical or seasonal.

Look at the New Year with consideration of the anticipated volume of guests and services for the upcoming months. For example, evaluate your existing linen or uniform order. (Linen rental companies are helpful at this stage. As you do not have to worry about tired linens and chef wear that need to be replaced. That’s their/our job not yours to worry about.) This type of assessment will guide decisions on whether replacements or additions are necessary to meet the demands of your clientele.

The hospitality industry is ever-evolving. With trends in table settings and decor constantly changing, stay ahead of the curve by analyzing current and upcoming trends. Whether it’s seasonal variations or popular themes, staying current allows you to offer clients a fresh and on-trend dining experience.

Budgeting and Cost Optimization

We couldn’t discuss preparing for the New Year without mention budget and costs. Of course, this is typically evaluated throughout the year. The budget and costs are typically what drives pretty much all decisions (especially for a smaller restaurant).

Even if you have a small budget, it doesn’t mean you have to skimp on quality or the details. It means you have to find a vendor that will work with you. By having a strategic approach to budgeting, you ensure that you allocate resources efficiently without compromising on a guest’s experience at your establishment.

Revisit Employee Training

Often, training is free. And won’t your budget love you for that?

Tap into a team member’s strength or mentor that is willing to share their tips and experiences. Allow team members to ask questions . Let them feel comfortable to express their personal views on strengths and weaknesses. Make them feel empowered by offering additional training or support as needed.

Counting Down

Meticulous preparation and a great team are the key to a successful year in the hospitality industry. By reflecting on the past, assessing inventory needs, staying attuned to trends, and optimizing budgets and processes, you set the stage for a year of excellence.

See why New York restaurants and New Jersey establishments turn to Bergen Linen for their towels, uniforms, aprons, restaurant tablecloths, and party linen rentals.

Stop wondering about how to prep for the New Year and start doing.  Please call (800) 789-8115 or email to work with a linen provider that is here to help you succeed.

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