The Beauty of a Bistro Napkin

A bistro napkin is a great alternative to a solid. While it may be a simple stripe, it definitely adds a little something. Not that we think there is anything ordinary about linen napkins, but we’re probably a little biased.
Interested in elevating your restaurant’s linens? Request a quote for premium quality table linens, uniforms, event linen rentals, and more. (Our event linens are available in neutrals, pastels, and vibrant colors.)

Why Choose a Bistro Napkin?

There are many reasons some restaurants choose bistro napkins over solid color napkins. 

  1. Classic Elegance: Bistro napkins, especially in classic white, exude a timeless and elegant appeal. Upscale restaurants, formal dining, and even more casual cafes choose the understated sophistication of white bistro napkins to add a touch of elegance. Often, you will see a royal blue stripe. However, there are options so give us a call today at (800 789-8115.

  2. Versatility: Bistro cloth napkins in neutral colors, such as white or ivory, are versatile and can complement a wide range of table settings and decor. This versatility allows restaurants to use the same  cloth dinner napkins for various occasions without the need to frequently change linens to match different color schemes.

  3. Ease of Laundering: White or light-colored table napkins are generally easier to maintain and launder, as they can withstand more frequent washing without showing signs of fading or wear. Machine washable linens is a practical aspect is crucial for restaurants that experience high customer turnover and need to consistently present clean and well-maintained table settings. Plus, reusable napkins are better for the environment including a restaurant’s carbon footprint.

Full Service Linen Services

Have you considered striped napkins for your placesettings? A Bergen Linen team member would be happy to stop by your establishment to review your options including colored napkins for any catered events. And please put away those disposable napkins. Welcome your guests with nice linen napkins.

In addition to bistro napkins, Bergen Linen also offers the following:

  • Polyester napkins and table linens
  • Party linen rentals
  • Floor mats
  • Waitstaff and back-of-house kitchen aprons
  • Kitchen towels and bar mops
  • Uniforms and chef wear

We are a family-owned and operated full service linen provider located in Bergen County. Our team offers pick-up and delivery service in the New York and New Jersey area. Bergen Linen prides itself in excellent quality, passionate customer care, and reliable customer service.

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