St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas

As the vibrant greens and golds of spring begin to emerge, it can only mean one thing – St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner! This beloeve Irish celebration, known for its cheerful spirit and cultural significance, offers the perfect excuse to gather friends and family for a memorable party.

Whether you have Irish roots or simply enjoy the festivities, hosting a St. Patrick’s Day celebration is a delightful way to embrace the luck of the Irish. Let’s explore some St. Patrick’s Day party ideas. From traditional decorations to mouthwatering Irish-inspired menus and lively entertainment options, we’ll make sure your celebration is an unforgettable experience for all. So, dust off your shamrocks and get ready to revel in the joyous spirit of St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Day Party Checklist

Let’s Get Started!

  • Set the date, time, and location for the celebration.
  • Create and send out theme invitations – get creative!
    • Include any dress code suggestions

All About the Decor.

(See below for more in-depth St. Patrick’s Day party decoration ideas.)

  • Choose a scheme (typically green and gold)
  • Purchase or create traditional Irish-themed decor
  • Look into party linen rentals in your color scheme
  • Explore table centerpieces and additional areas to decorate

St. Patrick’s Day Party Food and Drinks

In your party planning, creating a menu is one of the biggest to-dos.  Are you planning a formal dinner party or a more informal buffet moment. Fortunately, Irish cuisine lends itself to both types of events.

  • Plan an menu featuring traditional Irish food
    • Examples – Corned beef and cabbage, shepherd’s pie, Irish stew, green bagels, and Irish soda bread.
  • Order St. Patrick’s Day-themed desserts
    • Examples – Lucky Charms cupcakes, shamrock cookies, chocolate and mint brownies.
  • Stock up on Irish beverages
    • Whiskey for cocktails, grasshoppers, and ingredients for green beer.
    • Minty milkshakes and other non-alcoholic options

Decide on Entertainment.

  • Create a playlist featuring traditional Irish music
  • Hire a local band or singer for live entertainment
  • Plan on some dancing including Irish jigs or dance-offs.
  • Organize games  and other fun activities for party guests of all ages, like trivia, scavenger hunts, or Irish-themed charades.

Last Minute Details!

  • Set up the decorations 
  • Dress tables
  • Double-check food and drinks
  • Test any equipment needed such as a sound check
  • Create designated space for coats (if season calls for it)
  • Check in with any last-minute vendor

St. Patrick’s Day Decor

Whether you are hosting at home or renting a party venue, bring some Ireland into your space. If kids will not be attending, you can keep it simple by locating a traditional Irish pub that hosts parties such as yours. They’ll be sure to have the best beverages, food, and decor all ready to go. 

Traditional Irish Decorations

Shamrocks and Clovers

When you think of St. Patrick’s Day, you most likely are thinking of shamrocks and four-leaf clovers as they are quintessential symbols of Irish culture. In addition to being deeply rooted in folklore, they are also associated with luck. Depending on the venue and level of formality, choose ways to incorporate this type of decor into your space.

Green and Gold Color Scheme

Is there another timeless combination for St. Patrick’s Day outside of green and gold? You may also wish to weave in some orange. Incorporate these hues into every aspect of your decor, from tablecloths and banners to balloons and streamers. Bergen Linen offers a wide selection of event linens in these Irish-friendly shades

Table Centerpieces

St. Patrick’s Day table centerpieces offer a wonderful opportunity to infuse your dining area with Irish charm and creativity. If you are looking for a simple yet elegant centerpiece idea, arrange potted clovers in decorative containers or place them in charming, rustic vases. For something more whimsical, incorporate small pots of gold or personalized table signs. A more formal event may call for floral centerpieces that are heavy in greenery to capture the beautiful Irish landscape. And don’t forget the themed table linens. 


Creative St. Patrick’s Day-Themed Invitations

Incorporate the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day into your invitations by choosing creative and thematic designs. When creating your invites, take into consideration the formality of your event and audience. For family and children-related events, think bold, bright, and fun. A more adult even may call for an elevated invitation with a few touches of green and gold.

Dress Code

Encouraging Guests to Wear Green

Set the tone for a visually cohesive celebration by encouraging guests to wear green attire – and be sure to include this in your invitation. Whether it’s a subtle touch with accessories like hats, scarves, or beads, or a head-to-toe ensemble, the sea of green will create a festive and unified atmosphere. Be sure to have some extra green beads and other accessories should someone forget (or not have) the right finishing touches.

What to Serve

Delight your guests’ taste buds with an Irish-inspired menu that pays homage to the rich culinary traditions of St. Patrick’s Day.

Edible Suggestions

  • Green bagels with a spread
  • Shepherd’s pie
  • Corned beef and cabbage
  • Fresh Irish soda bread
  • Irish sausages and champ
  • Colcannon
  • Irish beef stew
  • Bailey’s chocolate cream pie

Beverage Suggestions

  • Green beer
  • Irish whiskey ginger
  • Mint milkshakes
  • Irish Maid

By creating a mouthwatering menu with a drink selection to accompany it, your St. Patrick’s Day celebration is bound to be a culinary delight. Be sure to encourage all partygoers to drink responsibly.

St. Patrick’s Day Entertainment Ideas

Traditional Irish Music Playlist

Ready to create the ultimate St. Patrick’s Day playlist? Transport your guests with a carefully curated traditional Irish music playlist. Include iconic tunes like “Whiskey in the Jar” and “The Wild Rover”. Typically, music selection is designed around the specific event and audience.

Some popular song selections:

  • “An Irish Pub Song” — The Rumjacks
  • “Molly Malone” — The Dubliners 
  • “Drunken Lullabies” — Flogging Molly
  • “The Irish Rover” — The Dubliners & The Pogues
  • “I’m Shipping up to Boston” — Dropkick Murphys
  • “The Wind That Shakes the Barley/The Reel With the Beryle” — The Chieftains

And when in doubt, encourage guests to make requests. You’ll truly be playing what the people want to hear. 

Tip: Be sure to properly time faster songs around any sit-down eating time.

Irish Dancing

Are there many guest with Irish roots attending? Whether they have the dancing skills or not, encourage them (and all guests!) to join in on classic Irish jigs and reels. For a more novice crowd, you should definitely consider a live band, pre-recorded music, and/or some type of guide. Also, consider hiring an Irish dance troupe to perform their mesmerizing steps. Who doesn’t love dinner and a show?

Games and Activities 

Keep the festivities engaging with a variety of games and activities suitable for guests of all ages.

  • Irish dance competition
  • Shamrock cookie decorating
  • Make-your-own Blarney stone
  • Trivia challenge with prizes
  • Green-themed photo booth
  • Scavenger hunt featuring Irish-themed items
      For prizes, consider a special beverage, chocolate gold coins, or higher ticket items. Prior to your party, be sure to assign someone to be in charge of these games. If possible, have a co-host or share the duties. You’ll want to be on-hand for other party ‘situations’ should they arise.  St. Patrick’s Day Party Favors

A. Unique St. Patrick’s Day-Themed Favors: Send your guests home with delightful St. Patrick’s Day-themed party favors that encapsulate the spirit of the celebration. Consider items like personalized shamrock keychains, festive green candles, or lucky clover pendants. These unique mementos will serve as cherished reminders of the joyous occasion long after the festivities come to an end.

B. DIY Favor Ideas for a Personal Touch: Infuse a personal and creative touch into your St. Patrick’s Day party favors with DIY creations. Craft handmade shamrock bookmarks, personalized thank-you cards, or even small potted clovers for guests to take home. Not only does this add a special touch to your event, but it also showcases your thoughtfulness and effort in making the celebration uniquely memorable for each attendee. Whether simple or intricate, DIY favors add an extra layer of warmth and personal connection to your St. Patrick’s Day gathering.

A Few Extra Tips

Encouraging Responsible Drinking

Prioritize the well-being of your guests by encouraging responsible drinking. Promote moderation, provide a variety of non-alcoholic beverage options, and consider incorporating water stations throughout the venue. Remind guests to drink responsibly and be aware of their limits.

Providing Transportation Options 

In the spirit of safety, consider the well-being of your guests by providing transportation options. Coordinate with local transportation services, arrange for designated drivers, or make someone the go-to in setting up ride share options.  

Now, You’re Ready to Party

As we wrap up this St. Patrick’s Day celebration guide, we hope that you walk away with some helpful tips to incorporate into your next event. From vibrant decorations and Irish-inspired cuisine to lively entertainment and thoughtful party favors, the recipe for an unforgettable celebration lies in the combination of tradition, creativity, and shared joy.

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