End-of-Summer 2019 Events

End-of-Summer 2019 Events

Ending the summer the right way! Making the most of your summer event!

End-of-the-summer 2019 events on your calendar?  Let’s finalize those finishing touches! Need a little inspiration? Check out our Pinterest page for party decor, menus and more.

Is your event:

  • Casual or formal?
  • Outdoor or indoor?
  • Small or large?
  • Rustic or glamorous?

Bergen Linen has party linen rental options for any event type.  From all-over neutrals to pops of color, we have it.  Along with the Food and Beverage Industry, Bergen Linen provides linens for DIY party planners, event designers and caterers.  Whether you have something in mind or curious about your choices, you may call (800) 789-8115 or email info@bergenlinen.com. It’s that easy!

While the end-of-the-summer may not be something to exactly celebrate, there is definitely fun to be had! So what are you waiting for?  Order that table runner for your wedding (that you have been mentally debating).  Order those bold orange napkins for that gathering of friends.  And don’t forget those charming baby blue table linens for that upcoming birthday party.  Together, let’s make your next event that much more spectacular!

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