July 2020 Anti-Viral Fogging Service Announcement

July 2020 Anti-Viral Fogging Service Announcement

Bergen Linen now offers anti-viral fogging treatment.

While it may not be the norm, this July 2020 anti-viral fogging is a new service being offered – and an important one at that.

Over the last few months, the Food and Beverage industry certainly has seen some unprecedented lows.  The lockdowns came quick. The news changed even quicker. With the instability all around, New York and New Jersey did their best in providing safety protocols. However, this left many restaurants and caterers (& many other businesses) scrambling to adjust.

As you begin to welcome team members and guests, the worst case scenario seems inevitable.  Fortunately, Bergen Linen is here to help with our effective anti-viral service. Like you, we hope you do not find yourself in a predicament. However should you, isn’t it nice to know that you have our team to call?

We welcome you to call (800) 789-8115 or email info@bergen linen.com to learn more. As management, arm yourselves with the knowledge of how to protect your team and others.  Bergen Linen encourages you and your staff to review safety protocols and have a plan in place. And let us be a part of that emergency plan. During this challenging time, our team is proud to stand by you. And don’t forget to follow us Instagram for the latest industry news.

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