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Spring Bridal Shower Themes

Spring wedding shower linens are available for your upcoming event so why haven’t you placed your order? Whether you are an event planner or DIY party planner, Bergen Linen’s party linen rentals are welcome to your use.

Traditional Spring Bridal Shower

In the past, a common,  traditional bridal shower typically only included the bride, bridal party, female family, and friends. If we were to really dig back into history, some would say that a bridal shower evolved from dowry practices. This is when family and friends would present gifts to the bride-to-be to help start the new home.

As the bridal shower evolved, these special events were hosted by the maid of honor or bridesmaids. Spring is a very popular time for both weddings and showers. For many, it’s because of the symbolism regarding new beginnings and a fresh start. With so many spring weddings, it is only natural that showers would also fall around the same time.

Spring Wedding Showers Today

 Today’s bridal shower has transitioned from female-only to sometimes co-ed. And there’s no wrong choice. Your wedding bridal shower guests are a personal choice in how you wish to spend your day – and who the couple is. LGBTQ+ weddings and modern couples often welcome the chance to open the wedding shower invitation list to a broader group.

Spring Wedding and  Bridal Shower Themes

While not every event needs a theme, it is quite helpful to have an actual color scheme. Often, these go hand-in-hand. Here are a few shower themes:

  • Coastal
  • Victorian romantic
  • Halloween
  • Winter wonderland
  • Spring brunch
  • Outdoor rustic
  • Black-and-white

Fortunately, Bergen Linen offers wedding and bridal shower tablecloths  that will fit in seamless with any floral arrangements or other bridal shower table decoration.

Your wedding shower linen rentals could possibly include tablecloths, napkins, overlays, runners, chair covers, and sashes. When choosing your wedding venue, take into consideration what party linen rentals will be needed to create the dream tablescape you (or your wedding client) envisioned.

Spring Wedding and Bridal Shower Menu Options

First, it will need to be decided if the spring wedding shower will be a formal event, casual, sit-down, or buffet. Also, you will need to decide if the celebration will be in the morning, afternoon, or dinnertime. Most often, wedding showers are brunch of afternoon affairs. Your food menu options should also coincide with your wedding / bridal shower party ideas.


A breakfast wedding shower is perfect for all your favorites including quiche, french toast, and pancakes. Then, you can wow guests with all the toppings and sides such as fresh fruit and homemade whip cream. Consider some perfect breakfast cocktails such as Mimosas and or Bloody Mary.


When it comes to spring wedding shower lunches, there are lots of choices. Plus, the menu can also be tailored to properly accompany your wedding shower theme. Some popular food options are: sandwiches, salads, charcuterie platters, appetizers, and sliders. 

Of course, brunch would be the perfect combination of a couple’s breakfast and lunch picks to please their loved ones.

Spring Wedding and Bridal Shower Games

When choosing your wedding shower games, consider your guest list. You (or your client) know them best. So what do you think they’d like best?

For a more traditional bridal shower, think of all those games you may have played at other brides’ showers. 

  • Toilet paper wedding gown
  • Who knows the bride bette Q & A
  • Famous couples pairing
  • Gift bingo

Modern and co-wed wedding showers can include some traditional and some more inclusive games such as couple’s trivia, wedding Mad Libs, Pictionary, Two Truths and a Lie, etc.

What to Consider When Ordering Wedding Shower Linens

While some factors were previously mentioned, it’s important to review what to consider prior to ordering your party linens.

  • Wedding shower theme
  • Formal or casual event
  • Wedding / bridal shower theme
  • Color scheme

From bright colors to pastels, our inventory is ready. But first, we need your event space’s table measurements. .It’s important to know your table measurement and what type of drop you prefer. Keep in mind that more formal events will typically call for a full drop. Questions about what size table linens are needed? Please call our team member with your table’s measurements so they can provide some options for you. And don’t forget your dessert table and any other tables for items such as a waffle bar, wedding shower presents, or anything you can dream up.

No party is too big or too small. Party linen rentals are welcome to restaurants, caterers, event designers and DIY party planners. Depending on the couple, the host could mean the maid of honor, man of honor, family and/or friends. When planning, they will be looking into making this day special. Will you be ready for party linen rental requests?

Call Bergen Linen today to discuss your wedding shower linen needs