Summer Micro Weddings

Summer 2022 Micro Weddings

Summer 2022 Micro Weddings are still a popular option.  And some experts say they are here to stay in some form one way or another.

Micro weddings are not entirely a ‘new’ concept. For many years, people have been eloping. However, this was typically a destination wedding such as a beach wedding . 

Often, destination wedding receptions and elopements are a smaller scale. Elopments tend to be more secretive. And a destination wedding is usually an invitation to a small group of the closest family and friends. Microweddings are a little bit bigger (usually under 50 guests) and no secret here.

Engaged couples love a scaled-down wedding reception and here’s why:

  • Fewer guests, less work!
  • Budget-friendly! (Typically $1,500-10,000.)
  • Fewer opinions & people to please!
  • Unique spaces accessible!
  • Easier to plan
 Smaller weddings also mean that more time can be spent with each guest.  

Even with a scaled down event, linens and all the other details are still as important.  Bergen Linen loves to be inspired by weddings found on Pinterest.  If you are unfamiliar with micro wedding, you may wish to take a look around.  Engaged couples are certainly making the most of their special event. There are plenty of New Jersey and New York wedding magazines and online directories featuring 2021 micro wedding ideas.

If a smaller gathering is not for you, our team would be happy to provide a quote for your larger wedding as well. Bergen Linen has a large inventory of colors, sizes and options.Party linen rentals include: tablecloths, napkins, overlays, runners, chair covers, sashes and more.

We offer a large selection of tablecloths, napkins, overlays, runners, chair covers and more. With a smaller party, you may be able to add those extra details originally cut out.  Feel free to request a ‘rush’ order by emailing orders@bergenlinen.com or calling (800) 789-8115.

July 4th Events

July 4th Events

July 4th events deserve that special touch.

It is time for your July 4th  events prep!  Yes, it’s already that time!.

Can you believe it’s already the second week of June? While areas opened up so fast, it may have left you scrambling.  And although you may have not had time to ‘catch up’, let’s take a few minutes to check your calendar.

At this time, your reservation and events calendar is probably full of weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, showers and other celebrations. Additionally, you also have your regular dining reservations.

When you think of July 4th? You automatically think of red, white and blue. And don’t worry! We have these different holiday colors.  Keeping it casual? Consider rustic table decor with a  pop of color. Red napkins? Looking for something a little more formal? White, damask table linens with a blue napkin?

You will find an ease with Bergen Linen that you may not be accustomed to.  Our team is here to help you find the perfect combination or elements to suit your July 4th event needs – and vision.  Feel free to call (800) 789-8115 or email info@bergen linen.com.  You are always to schedule a complimentary walk-thru as well. And in the meantime, visit our Pinterest page for a little holiday inspiration!

Memorial Day 2022 Check-In

Memorial Day 2022 Check-In

Consider this your Memorial Day 2022 Check-in!

This Memorial Day Weekend will look more ‘normal’ than some of our more recent pat holiday weekends. And like you, we are thankful. It has not been easy for the Food & Beverage industry.

Many restaurants and country clubs in our area are still offering outdoor dining. Dress up your table and add a level of protection. Table linens elevate every dining experience. Whether you use tablecloths or only cloth napkins, your guests will appreciate this extra touch. 

Even if you have not used table linens in the past, you may wish to consider temporarily incorporating them to your table setting. In recent studies, dining guests considered table linens as a sign of a more upscale experience. In addition, they also offer a level of protection. Plus, they are more affordable than you may think!

In addition, this is the perfect time to look over your upcoming weeks. Are there wedding or other special events coming up? Is your Father’s Day filling up with reservations? Place your linen orders in sooner rather than later.

First step, email info@bergenlinen.com or call (800) 789-8115.  What types of linens are you interested in? Do you also need bar mops, floor mats, aprons or uniforms?  A Bergen Linen team member would be happy to provide you a simple proposal. Every item and price is easy to understand and read. Full transparency.

When working with our F&B friends in New York and New Jersey, it is important that we build a relationship rather than ‘lock you in’. See the Bergen Linen difference today.


Spring Has Finally Sprung This Year

Spring Has Finally Sprung This Year

Well, we finally have it – spring weather. We couldn’t be happier.  With the long drawn-out winter (and so much rain!), you have had ample time to prepare for what the spring season brings such special events and outdoor dining.

If you have an exterior dining area, you may wish to consider additional linens for those tables. Table lines provide a layer of cleanliness between one guest to the next guess. They also create a perception of an elevated experience.

Spring Events

For your spring events including Father’s Day, this is the perfect time to start thinking about additional party linen rentals that may be needed. Indeed, spring has finally sprung! And you are ready for it because you have Bergen Linen on your side.

Additionally, Bergen Linen’s event rentals are perfect for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, birthday celebrations, graduation parties and more. Picky clients? That’s okay. Our inventory carries a wide selection of colors, sizes and options.

Before settling, consider your options in linen providers. While choosing a new service can seem stressful, our team makes choosing the right vendor easy. Our goal is to make you happy. There is no locked in contracts that force a client to feel ‘trapped’.  It is our mission to have you stay because you want to stay. We understand clients will only stay when they are happy with their linens and customer service.  So if you aren’t happy with your provider, then we should have a quick chat.

Give us a call at (800) 789-8115 or email info@bergenlinen.com to discuss your preferences.  (We also provide assistance in color selection for those who ask!)  Even if you have your own in-house goods, you may want to keep our number on hand for those occasions where a client is looking for something outside your linen selection.


Spring 2022 Check-in of Your Linen Services

Spring 2022 Check-in of Your Linen Services

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This is your official spring 2022 check-in.

Consider this your official spring 2022 check-in from your friends at Bergen Linen. And if we aren’t friends yet, it’s about time we met.

Bergen Linen is not just a linen service provider. When we visit, it isn’t simply about picking up or delivering.  Our talented team will check in to make sure that you have everything you need. After all, it means everything to us when clients are happy with their services. You shouldn’t just settle on your linen, uniforms and kitchen essentials.

Take Our Spring 2022 Check-in Questionnaire:

  • Are you happy with your current provider?
  • Shortages/Incorrect/Unfulfilled orders?
  • Customer service questions responded to quickly?
  • Incorrect or lack of inventory control?

Although there are plenty of linen providers out there, Bergen Linen believes that we are special. In fact, we know that we are.  We say what we mean – and we do what we say. You never have to worry about your delivery. 

Find out why  the New York and New Jersey Food & Beverage Industry trust in our services.  Call (800) 789-8115 today for your spring 2019 check-in AND risk-free evaluation! And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram! 

Spring 2022 Wedding Showers

Spring 2022 Wedding Showers

Spring 2022 wedding shower season is here!  In the past, bridal showers were the ‘norm’. And while bridal showers are still held, they have expanded to be more inclusive – and also at times co-ed.

And with the evolution of the ‘wedding shower’ so have the parties themselves. And while there is nothing wrong with nostalgic games, there is always room for something new (and possibly, better?)

The wedding shower is a pre-party before the big day. Lately, showers (and weddings) are a bit more intimate. However, this doesn’t mean less special. And couples aren’t skimping.

With the weather warming up and indoor capacities increasing, the industry is expecting to see an increase in special events. You will want to be ready! That’s where Bergen Linen comes in. In addition to our traditional neutrals, you may also choose from our wide selection of colors.

No party is too big or too small. Party linen rentals are welcome to restaurants, caterers, event designers and DIY party planners. Depending on the couple, the host could mean the maid of honor, man of honor, family and/or friends.  When planning, they will be looking into making this day special. Will you be ready for party linen rental requests?

Need a little more inspiration?  Visit our Pinterest page today. And don’t forget to follow us Instagram!