Waist Apron : November Spotlight

Spotlight on the restaurant waist apron – one may say the perfect apron.

Waist aprons are ideal for many restaurants and catering venues. Due to their versatility, this kitchen and server essential is ideal for so many reasons.

These durable aprons shield uniforms and chef wear from stains, spills, and other kitchen mishaps. In addition, they contribute to a well-polished and professional appearance; this is beneficial to both front-of-house and back-of-house teams.

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The Mighty Waist Apron

With various styles and colors available, these waist aprons provide an opportunity for branding and cohesion to further compliment your restaurant’s aesthetic.

Additionally, the optional pockets serve as convenient storage for bar mops, pens, order pads, and more. 

Quick Facts

  • Range from 11” to 34” long
  • Practical secure waist ties
  • Typically polyester or a cotton blend
  • Quality stitching for durability
  • With or without pockets available

In the hospitality industry, restaurant aprons are indispensable in the culinary world. As you may have guessed, waist aprons start fittingly…at the waist*. While they do not offer any upper body coverage, this style is still very popular in many dining spaces. Of course, Bergen Linen offers a wide range of aprons, server wear, and chef uniforms as well. 

*Medium and longer waist apron styles (also called bistro aprons) are often worn by chefs. While maintain their status with their chef coat, they can protect their pants from splash

So we rest our case. Like the traditional apron, a waist apron stands as an unsung hero in the realm of culinary attire, seamlessly marrying practicality with style. Whether worn by chefs, servers, or bartenders, this quintessential garment not only safeguards uniforms from the inevitable challenges of a dynamic kitchen but also adds to a more uniform team look . 
Bergen Linen is your one-stop shop for your restaurant or venue’s linens including: tablecloths, napkins, party accents, aprons, bar mops, restaurant uniforms and more. Running a businessman means tending to a lot of details. That’s why it is important to choose a vendor that works for you. Our goal is to answer your questions, showcase helpful products and provide reliable service.
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