Fall Party Ideas: Planning for the Perfect Event

Thought of a great fall party idea? And now you’re set on throwing a party? We don’t blame you. Whenever we walk through our aisles of party linen rentals, we get the same feeling!

Whether you are a professional event planner or a party planner by nature, let’s start planning.

The Prep for Your Fall Party Ideas

Before any good party, there is some extra preparation. First, you start with the perfect party idea. Whether this is a birthday party or a wedding, you need to start with a focus on what your fall party will be about. 

Fortunately, there plenty of fall party themes to choose from! 

Fall Party Picks

When you think of a party ‘theme’, what comes to mind? For some, it is simply an event all about autumn or jewel colors. Others take it quite literally (and we love this!) and want to incorporate truly fall items such as pumpkins and leaves.

Fall evenings provide a perfect backdrop. Weddings can be perfectly framed by nature’s beautiful foliage. More scaled-down parties can end up being a festive bonfire or outdoor game night. 

Harvest Party Colors

What colors say ‘fall’ to you? 

  • gold
  • brown
  • forest green
  • burnt orange
  • maroon
  • purple

Of course, you do not have to be limited by these choices. It’s your event. However when considering colors, it is important to consider the complimentary fall decor for your event.

For example, pastels are always pretty. If you chose to switch it up with a pastel November event, you may find it difficult to find a decoration that works well with your theme. One twist we like are pale pinks and greens paired with a white pumpkin based centerpiece. Festive and pretty. Sounds like party perfection to us.

Halloween Inspired Events

By now, many of us have attended (or hosted) a Halloween party or wedding. In fact when you think of a fall theme party, you might instantly think – Halloween!

Some winning decor choices for this type of event would be choosing the right colored linens to set the mood. Then, think candles, a pumpkin here or there, and candy corn. (Okay, we added that one for our sweet tooth.) You get the idea though.

For a younger crowd, there has to be Monster Mash dance-off. And don’t forget about pumpkin carving, caramel apples and other autumn food ideas. Apple pie, anyone? Sounds like a child’s perfect fall birthday party! Send all the kids home with a mini pumpkin.

Fall doesn’t have to be pumpkin spice everything. While there are plenty of people that would love this, it’s okay to mix up the flavors. In fact, you can simply make non-themed foods just shaped or decorated in a spooky way.

Casual Fall Gathering

If you love fall, then you love that Halloween isn’t the end to the fall season. There’s plenty more autumn days to take in – and celebrate.

Sunday Funday. This means a football party. Don’t wait until the Superbowl to celebrate a good game with friends. It’s not just chips and dips.

Elevate your game watching party with some table linens in your favorite or opposing teams’ colors. Choose foods that represent those teams. It’s an unexpected twist that your guests will love. Of course, be sure to have some of those tried-and-true recipes. No host wants to disappoint their party people.

Have fun with your special get together. Whether big or small, celebrate in style with expertly care party linen rentals colors that match your fall decor or match the leaves in the background.

Happy party planning! And feel free to share some of your favorite fall party ideas. 

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