2022 Valentine’s Day Linen Order

2022 Valentine’s Day Linen Order

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There is still time to place your Valentine’s Day linen order.

2022 Valentine’s Day is two weeks away. Now that we have finished cleaning up this weekend’s storm, it is the perfect time to start prepping for the upcoming holiday.

In a normal year, restaurants thrive the weekend of Valentine’s Day. And this year, it falls on a Monday.

Therefore, you may experience the Valentine’s crowd the weekend before or overflow into the week. Will you be prepared? Take a look at last year’s and this month’s reservations to have a better understanding of what rentals you may need. And then order!

Will you be treating customers to special menus, cocktails or desserts?  Consider adding some red or roses (or both!) to your day-to-day ambiance.  And how about a little mood lighting or background music? Find a little inspiration on our gallery page.

Why not treat your guests to something a little special? Are you linens typically black, off-white, white or ivory?  Add a fun pop of color by incorporating a red or pink overlay or napkin.  Bergen Linen is here to help you with your special holiday selection.

Interested? Place your linen order by emailing or call (800) 789-8115.




The Beauty of a Bistro Napkin

The Beauty of a Bistro Napkin

Try a bistro napkin on your table today.

Let’s talk about the beauty of a bistro napkin. While it may b a simple stripe, it definitely adds a little something to the ordinary napkin. Not that we think there is anything ordinary about table linens.

For the last few years, you may have noticed the growing popularity of the bistro napkin.  They are the perfect compromise between a formal napkin and a paper version.  Elegance without the formality.  They look a bit like a wash or  tea cloth you may find at home. Therefore, they are often found more appealing to customers – and certainly stick out in their minds. Although on the more casual side, the cloth napkins are elevated just enough to make the right impact.

At Bergen Linen, we appreciate tablecloths and napkins. We understand the importance of them in the restaurant and catering scene.  In studies, it shows that guests equate linen cloths to a higher level of service and food. (Additionally, a linen table cloth adds an extra level of protection.)

For more casual restaurants, tablecloths may not seem like a necessity. However, you may wish to consider a cloth, bistro napkin and a placemat; they are a nice substitute. Of course, these cloths hold up all on their own as well. And they are affordable!

When considering switching your linen provider, the stress becomes real. Bergen Linen understands your day and doesn’t want to add any pressure. With Bergen, there are no surprises. Take a few minutes to email or call with your specific needs and any questions. A team member would be happy to address any concerns and provide pricing. Email or call (800) 789-8115 today.

2022 Restaurant Trends

2022 Restaurant Trends

Formal dining room table setting with linens and more.
Bergen Linen is your trusted linen rentals NY provider.

A look at 2022 restaurant trends.  As January comes to a close, it seems like the perfect time to go over the recent Food and Beverage industry trends.

When it comes to the actual dining, your guests are interested in craft cocktails and healthier eats.  And for the most part, they are eating local.  Over the last year, restaurant owners and caterers learned from their customers and from each other. Management was able to take the time to reevaluate current processes and move forward with much needed upgrades. With the decrease in business, there is an even greater push to decrease waste – in all areas.

Additional trends include:

  • focus on sustainability
  • centerstage digital marketing
  • smaller dining areas
  • increase in ghost kitchens

Of course, restaurant trends will also include the continuation of delivery, curbside, take-home and contactless payments.  While indoor dining will begin to open and increase, some diners will still opt for this new convenience.

Even though dining looks a little different, make sure your team looks and feels their very best.  Bergen Linen provides chef wear, uniforms, aprons and more. In addition, we are here for your table linens, floor mats, bar mops, blankets (outdoor dining), sanitization stations, etc.

Lastly, let’s stress the importance of encouraging and welcoming your community.  Right now, local is everything.  Make sure your neighbors know who you are, what you offer and why they should visit your establishment.


2022 Customer Service Resolutions

2022 Customer Service Resolutions

2019 Customer Service Resolutions, New Year Resolutions, 2019 Resolutions, Customer Service, Best Customer Service
Putting your best foot forward this year.

Thinking about your 2022 Custom Service Resolutions? You should be. In fact, they should be at the top of your to-do list. It is so important to be welcoming guests in a warm and safe environment. Typically, the new year brings hope and excitement. With some current uncertainties in the Food and Beverage Industry, it may feel a bit more challenging than usual.  However, this is an ideal time to look towards the future.

Customer Service Trends

When thinking in terms of business, there are always new places to improve.  And with the ever-changing buyer experience, customer service is a great place to start.  You may have heard by now that your customers are looking for an experience. Each restaurant and catering venue is unique in its own way whether it be ambiance, menu selection, etc.

How we handle customer service can be seen as a reflection of how one one views life.  Looking towards the short goals or the long-term opportunities? Remember, customer retention costs less than marketing new clientele. Of course, both client-building methods are needed.

Fabulous customer service speaks volumes for your brand and reputation.  When a client leaves your establishment feeling their very best, you can be sure a family or friend will soon be hearing about the experience. And with online reviews being so prevalent, everyone knows how important word-of-mouth is.

Your Responsibility to Your Customer Service Team.

With the right team, you can also expect less employee turnover.  After all, it is hard to leave a place where you love what you do and who you work with.  People like seeing other people being treated well; it really resonates -especially with other team members.  Ideally, employees would like to work  with a team they can be proud of.

Bergen Linen’s ‘family’ prides themselves on being team-oriented.  Together, it is the team’s responsibility to provide you and your clientele with the very best in customer service.  If you are a current or former customer and have suggestions, please feel free to emai  Here is to a new year together – with you!

New Year’s Eve Last Minute Prep

New Year’s Eve Last Minute Prep

New Year’s Eve last minute prep is quickly sneaking up on you! You may even still be struggling with some last minute details for this week’s Christmas Eve and Christmas events.

Bergen Linen understands that party linen rentals are often overlooked until the very last minute. And then, you add in all the additional challenges our industry is facing such as shortages in inventory and labor. Fortunately, Bergen Linen is always open – and here for you!

Recently, we have been running through our linen colors. By reviewing each color’s frequency in usage, we are able to determine which colors you love. Then, we are making sure to have a full inventory of options for those specific colors. As you can see, Bergen Linen offers a large selection of colors fit for many different types of occasions.

Our party linen rentals are available for restaurants, country clubs, caterers, DIY planners and professional event designers. If you’re ready to order, please feel free to use our linen rental form.

Before you do anything else today, run through your to-do list.  Are you set for your upcoming New Year’s Eve AND Day celebrations?  If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to call (800) 789-8115 or email directly.

We are here for you!


Holiday 2021 Party Planning

Holiday 2021 Party Planning

Your holiday 2021 party planning starts now!  With the season in full swing, this is the perfect time to take a look at your venue’s calendar.  By now, most of your weekend dates are booked.  For the DIY party planner or professional event designer, it is also a busy time for you as well.

Creating this festive season’s special moments require a lot of planning.  On your list of to-dos, party table linen rentals may be somewhere lower on your list. However, we do suggest placing your linen rental orders sooner rather than later.  This way, you are guaranteed availability.

When you work with the right vendors, it relieves some of the stress that comes along with your to-do lists.  Catering table linens are an easy and affordable way to complete a vision.  If you are unfamiliar with renting table linens, you may have such questions prior to ordering.

Party Table Linen Questions

If you are planning a more casual holiday event, your tables may not require a full-drop. Of course, this depends on the type of tables you are using and your own personal preference.  For a more glamorous event, we do encourage a full-drop.  It provides an elegant touch.

Questions regarding your holiday 2019 party planning? Call (800) 789-8115 and speak with a team member today. If email is better, you can send your questions to If you are ready to place an order, email  For all seasonal linen rental orders, we do encourage you to place them sooner rather than later – especially with special color requests.

Have you checked our Bergen Linen’s Pinterest or Instagram? These are both great resources for a little holiday and other event inspiration.